Q: How do I shine the jewelry..it has become a bit dull after wearing?
A: It is natural, as you wear the jewelry, for the shine to dull. To regain the shine, a jewelry cloth, like is used to clean sterling silver jewelry, works well. Also, a small amount of car wax applied, allowed to dry, and then wiped off will keep the shine for a bit longer.

Q: I want a custom piece of jewelry designed just for me..can you do that?
A: Absolutely! Just email me your specifications and I'm happy to provide you with a quote!

Q: Where do you get your chains?
A: We work with local bike stores in helping to upcycle items that may have ended up in a landfill.

Q: How do you prepare used chains for use in your jewelry?
A: We first do an initial degreasing of the entire chain, then break it down into the individual pieces. We then soak those and then clean and polish each piece by hand. Each individual piece is coated to inhibit rusting.

Q: I would like to have part of my chain used to make jewelry - can you do that?
A: Yes! We are happy to make your jewelry from YOUR chain and we can do this at no extra cost to you. Just place your order and add a note when you check out that you will be sending in your chain.

Q: Are you open to adding to your list of organizations to be a recipient of your donations?
A: Yes! We are happy to consider other organizations that promote healthy living. Please send us information about an organization you would like to nominate.

Q: So, how avid of a cyclist are you anyway?
A: Well, I started over 20 years ago and I have about 36,000 miles on my bikes!

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